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Fast and multiprotocol communication

Created to meet the demands of highly connected environments, the solution supports a wide variety of communication protocols, which enables you to interact with different types of smart machines and systems. In addition to Ethernet based protocols, such as Client/Server MODBUS TCP, OPC DA, OPC UA and MQTT, Xpress products also count on RS 485, CAN and USB Serial communication interfaces.


Cloud interaction

Nexto Xpress controllers can communicate directly with the most relevant cloud hosting services on the market, such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google One and Amazon AWS. Through the MQTT protocol, products can interact with different brokers in order to communicate with web service platforms, such as Node-Red, and deliver information directly on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.


Embedded supervision resources

To give more flexibility and agility to application development, the solution counts on Web Server, a system for the creation of supervision and monitoring screens that does not require the use of SCADA software. Available on the XP340 CPU, the tool is embedded in the PLC's memory and can be accessed through the web browser of any device connected to the internet.


An open source platform filled with high-end features capable of taking your projects to the next level on the Industry 4.0

Fast I/O outputs

Digital outputs with 1.5 A support for each point (12 A maximum) and 12-bit fast analog I/O with up to 1 ms update time for all channels, one of the fastest in the market.

Conformal Coating

To guarantee the integrity of PLCs even in harsh environments, their printed circuit boards undergo a conformal coating process.

Technological Platform

Codesys technological platform with configuration via MasterTool IEC XE, a free programming software for Nexto Series with scalability for micro to large projects.

Process control

Ideal for the process control of building automation segments, such as lighting, climate, supervision, transporters and access control.


Accuracy on the control of variables in water and wastewater applications such as remote stations control, pumping stations and reservoir level control.

Speed and savings

Speed and savings for the control of labelers, blowers, whashers, injectors, baggers, grinders, presses and other machines.

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