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Motion Control PLC

Get to know Altus' new solution for machine and process controlling with high movement precision

IoT-ready PLC prepared to overcome the challanges from the Universe 4.0

The ideal controller for your business

To increase the performance and raise the control level of your machinery, the Nexto Xpress family has a wide variety of multifunctional programmable controllers prepared to connect your business to the IIoT Universe and expand your possibilities.

Designed to meet the demands of packaging machines and assembly lines, the XP350 PLC is the line the new solution for Motion Control.

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Compact and with high processing speed, trademark of Nexto Xpress controllers, the XP350 also features high density of I/O's, fast embedded inputs and outputs, Ethernet and USB interfaces, RS-485 serial port and Master CANopen.

Like the other products in the line, Xpress' new IoT-ready PLC also has DIN rail mounting, Real Time Clock (RTC), Data Logger type function block, conformal coating and support for the main communication protocols on the market.

Recursos IoT embarcados

With software based on CODESYS technology, the product is capable of interacting with different brokers via MQTT in order to communicate with web service platforms, such as Node-Red, conect to the main cloud hosting services and write directly into SQL-type databases.

Complete solution for precise motion control

Created to add safety and flexibility to machines and processes that demand precise movement control, the new member of the Xpress family is capable of operating in loops with up to 4 motion control axes (X, Y, Z and A).

Used together with a set of servo drivers, the XP350 PLC comprises a complete motion control solution for applications where power, efficiency and precision of movement are essential.

Motion protocols and libraries

To meet this demand for high precision in machines and processes, the new Altus controller supports EtherCAT Master and CANopen, two of the main protocols used in the segment.

In addition, it also supports PLCopen Motion Control Part 1 function blocks for single-axis command, multi-axis synchronization, electronic gearing (CAME), special editor for planning motions (CAM), among others.

A complete solution for systems of different segments and with a wide variety of complexities

MasterTool IEC XE programming software based on CODESYS

Input and Output expansions specific modules

Product in compliance with CE marking and ROhS directives

Conformal coating so it can be used in harsh environments

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